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Submissions and representations on planning applications, together with the appropriate fee, must be received by the Planning Authority no later than five weeks from the date the application was received. Submissions received after that time will NOT be accepted. If you are unsure regarding the last date for making a submission please contact the Planning Authority.

Please be aware that comments involving allegations of any kind against a named or otherwise identifiable person or organisation may be viewed as defamatory by the subject of the comments. Persons making submissions may be sued directly for any defamatory allegations in any submission and should avoid making such allegations. Any submissions made to Cork County Council are made available for public inspection, both at Cork County Council’s offices and on the internet.

It should be understood that Cork County Council is only concerned with issues relevant to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area and that personalised comments are generally not relevant to its deliberations.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your submission reaches the Planning Authority within the statutory timeframe. Cork County Council cannot take responsibility for any unforseen system failure which may prevent your submission from being received.

In the event that you have difficulty using this system you should ensure that you allow yourself sufficient time to lodge your submission by alternative means. You may hand deliver the submission to the appropriate Planning Office, i.e., County Hall or Norton House, Skibbereen; you may post your submission to the appropriate office or you may attempt to make your submission utilising this online system at another time.

By proceeding with your submission you are accepting the terms and conditions of this system.
Browser Compatibility

Please note that The Online Submission Payment system is fully compatible with the following Internet browsers:

IExplorer Chrome Firefox
Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9+ Chrome 23+ Firefox 15+

We will endeavour to make the system compatible with most mainstream browsers in the near future.

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